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Vermilion and The Aces - The letter - 1979

In early winter of 1979 Vermilion teamed forces with label inmates Steve Tannet , Noel Martin, and Charlie Casey (EX-MENACE) to play live performances and record . Combining the Hardcore tear-a-way stance + Motorcycle songs with the searing pogo backbeat of Menace power , Illegal records and Insult design present a double A side single produced by the social deviant himself, Mick Farren.

Vermilion and The Aces - The letter - 1979 Illegal records punk Menace e

45 tours - Illegal Records - 1979 - UK

Vermilion and The Aces - The letter :

 The Aces : here 

VERMILION AND THE ACES (well she does have very red hair) is a raucous and effective singer whose songs have an emphasis,lyrically, on sex and motorbikes. One 'Gladiator Rock'brings the two obsessions neatly and catchily together:"angels are born they are never made" goes the refrain.
Mike Mills - What's On in London

Vermilion & The Aces - London Music Machine
Never did see horrible old Music Machine so vacant, so stagnant. Never dld see such a fine performance in front of a virtual 20 people. Never dld reckon Vermillon would be quite as good as this. Vermillon Sands —named after the JG Ballard novel of the same appendage — is a lady with character, a crazy bad - time American lady whose outward outspokenness and off-the-cuff bad mouthings often belie her level headed perception and heart of gold. Onstage — here opening for Fashlon and Brian James & The Brains — she struts her stuff , cracks jokes.swears. laughs. sings with unsettling power ... and doesn't give a monkey's about the empty hall. Maybe the llghts are in the way and she don't know. But that can't be it ... Her "band" — The Aces — are Menace people who've slotted into their role here with admirable deftness.providing just the right complimentary backdrop kick the lady's fresh presence demands. The performance is a convincing exposition of cycle - slut rock and roll. bear's - ass rough at the edges. simply bubbling over with personality, vigorous and invigorating. There's no set list to hand, so 1 can't go throwing titles around ...but she went through 'Wild Boys (Ride Their Bikes), 'Angry Young Women' from the single and a bunch of others which were anything but padding. Witnessing this bludgeoning aggro-rock ,there are subleties in there. somewhere too and noting how it didn't have to resort to buzzsaw cliche for effect proved a rewarding and reassuring experience. At the end, Vermilion emits a final yell down the mike, casually plcks up her Jacket and strolls off the stage, leaving the Aces to hammer - and tong away the last few bars. All so... natural Just how it should be. Vermilion is one of the preclous few real persons on the current scene: Cherry Vanilla? Bad Girl? You don't know nothin'.
Chris Westwood 

Vermilion and The Aces - The letter - 1979 Illegal records punk Menace

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